ViX – Vintage Exchange (29th – 31st of December 2019)

Exchange, that makes you not just exchange experience, nice moments, dance partners, cities, but also a YEAR 🙂

Lovely Ljubljana is embeded in lights, ice rings are raising across the town, stands with glue wine, cookies and all sorts of candy and presents are just one small part of wonderfull ambient that expects you in Slovenia. And as we are eager to share this special feeling with you, our dancer friends, ideas went wild and we established, that it would be a smart idea, to make an event. ViX. Start just after Christmas, so we all have enough time to recooperate from holidays and by the 29th of December we will all be ready for new adventures.

So from now on ViX starts on 29th of December.

3 parties in wonderful location, that is well known to international dancers, the Great hall of Grand Hotel Union. In the strict center, the “heart of Ljubljana”.

3 parties, 3 nights of fun, dancing, meeting new friends, partying harder and hared every night we fly into new decade, to the “New 20s”.

“Ok”, we said, “we have all that covered, but we need a dancer firendly price”. So we went. And we negotiated. And then we negotiated some more and finaly we did it!

Full pass for ViX (and sure, that includes also New Year`s party) is just 60€. On top you get also nice tasters, and reduced prices for tips around Slovenia or in Ljubljana.

Sounds good?

We promise you here & now. Come party with us. You will not be sorry.


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