Swing New Year is a special event, taking place just once a year in Ljubljana – Slovenia. We bring you the magic of “time of Swing” and merge it with present. Almost like in the movie “The Great Gatsby”, with one important difference.

This is real!

Why we think you should join us?

  • this is the best New Year’s party in Ljubljana & Slovenia
  • lot’s of people will be dancing and having fun
  • you get to dress-up in vintage style
  • we will have an excellent photograph (great pictures)
  • LIVE swing band playing
  • moderator
  • specialized swing DJs
  • magic ambient of one of the most beautiful hotels in Slovenia
  • 2 dance floors (after midnight we open also POP music FLOOR with special DJ, who will play “oldies-goldies” and new hits!
  • party till morning
  • excellent service of Grand Hotel Union staff
  • you can reserve a new year’s dinner before coming to the party
  • count-down
  • you will be a part of unforgettable night in heart of Ljubljana
  • if you want to you can step out and watch the beautiful Ljubljana’s fireworks
  • Ticket price is really affordable, but hurry, number of guests we can admit is limited!


Vintage Swing Slovenia and Union Hotels partnered up for this special project, bringing you an amazing , unique experience and making Swing New Year in Ljubljana one of the best options how to spend you New Year’s eve in Slovenia.


Swing New Year in Ljubljana is brand created by 1st slovenian Swing dance association VINTAGE SWING, which brought swing in Slovenia and wider region. Vintage Swing is directly connected to roots of swing and to the dance hall where swing has begun – SAVOY. Thru teachers, thru legacy and their big friend, NORMA MILLER, queen of Swing. They are keeping it real, just like it was back in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.